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Designed especially for nutrition professionals or food businesses of any size

People and Small Businesses
Small Businesses and Individuals

Let your customers know the nutritional information of your recipes, while simultaneously creating labels.

People and Small Businesses
Food Manufacturing Industry

Designed especially for collaboratively work within your organization. Develop new products by yourself or with team members.

People and Small Businesses

Add the energy information in your menu. Get details about the nutrition facts of each plate.

Ingredient Database

Add Your Own Ingredients or Use the USDA Database

Unlock Complete Control over Nutrition Information: Whether you already possess the nutrition data from your supplier or require information sourced from the Food Data Central, our ingredient tool empowers you to seamlessly integrate both sources.

With our solution, you can access and incorporate nutrition information from your trusted suppliers or tap into the vast resources of the Food Data Central. Take charge of your data and confidently optimize your processes with our innovative ingredient tool.

Ingredient Database

Recipe Development

Develop Your Own Ideas and Recipes

Craft Unique Recipes, calculate Nutrition Facts, and Experiment with different Versions to Innovate Nutrient-Dense Products.

With our powerful platform, you can unleash your culinary expertise and design your recipes. Seamlessly access nutrition facts for each ingredient, enabling you to make informed choices and optimize the nutrient density of your creations. Additionally, our platform allows you to experiment with different recipe versions to optimize your product offerings.

Our platform provides essential tools for food or ingredient manufacturers, restaurant chefs, and food entrepreneurs to improve their products with nutritional information.

Recipe Development

Label Generation

Get FDA Compliant Nutrition Fact Labels and Get Ready to Sell

Prepare for a seamless transition to the market with our comprehensive solution. With our platform, you can easily create accurate nutrition fact labels for your back of package label (BOP), ensuring compliance and consumer trust. Additionally, you can generate allergens reports, providing crucial information for those with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

Empower your product launch with confidence, armed with comprehensive nutrition fact labels, ingredient statements and allergens information.

Position yourself for success by meeting regulatory requirements and addressing consumer needs effectively.

Label Generation